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Lead your self first before leading others!

There are so many people act the good things in their life and feel beyond measurement of happiness. Somebody go to traveling around the world to looking for happiness. Somebody just stay at home and watching TV or play video game. Even, somebody can’t stay alone for felt happiness. There are some differences way of people to reach happiness. They act like they like to do, they act the good things to feel beyond measurement of happiness.

It was likes Marcus Aurelius said, the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. So act virtuous, use your time well, and be cheerful. Then you drop from life’s tree, you will drop like a ripe fruit. He want to tell us that when you want to feel happiness, you should improve your thoughts, improve your quality of your times and be cheerfull. Please you try your thinking to stay positive every single time, and you can enjoy your life.

The power of thought is very big. That’s why, Jack Ma said, it’s not the technology that change the world. It’s the dreams behind the technology that change the world. Could you imagine it. Technology is nothing. The dreams is changes the world and the dreams is born from a thought of people. It’s fantastic world.

It’s time for us to thinking. When you wish to achieve something bigger and beyond you rexpectation, you may not to think like conventional thinking. You should think different with most of peoples thinking about. If we want to achieve different thing and you are still thinking like the most of people was thinking, it mean you will achieve nothing. Your thought will be lead you to other side of you. You will create a future of the world.

In some groups of people, for example is on organization, there are so many things that make unhappiness, like friction, confusion and underperformance. Absolutely, all of this unhappiness things on organization can be solved by a leadership. Look at the row models of leadership or the ideal person that you think that he or she can change all unhappiness on organization. Think about the best leader you ever worked with. Who is the best leader that you ever worked with? What did he or she say or do? How the figure of your leadership that you want to be?

Talking about leadership, if you want to be a leader, you must be leading one self first before going out leading others. If you want to lead, invest at least 40% of your time in leading yourself (Dee Hock, Founder of Visa). Lead one self first before you going out leading others. How do you do that? Ask it for your self. Ask it every 5 minutes on the morning before you start your day. You can do it while you enjoy your first cup of coffee or breakfast at the morning. Self reflextion can be doing at morning, evening, or at any time that you want. Define your self with the figure of your thoughts. Leader is not a person that give a lot activities to others like a chiken lost their had. They have story to tell, they have a vision, they have a team spirit and they can spent their little time to discussing something with. They have a little discussion that they have to do.

Next, think about the bad leader you ever met. Think about the bad leader you ever worked with. What she or he was doing or saying? How the figure of your leadership that you want to be? Could he or she lead her or him self?

Now, give your self value at range of 1 – 10. Where are you? When you can value your self, it means you can improve your self to the better one.

Reframing all of your problem that you had. Stop for a while for thinking about your problem and look at your goals. How important the issue will impact to your goals? Step one back and reframing it. If the issue that you had were related with your goals, you can addressing the situation. But if the issue that you had were not related with your goals, you can throw away or leave it. Don’t wasting your time for an unrelated thing with your goals. Keep your time for your goal and your happiness.

There are some sentence that told us that every single people want to lead others. But, why they are not start by leading their self? Now, you can answer this question.

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