Define Yourself, Start Create Something!


Today, I realize that my English is still bad. I can not describe how to use ‘may’ or ‘should’. I can not use present tense or past tense or future tense properly. My grammar is so bad. My life is full fill with unability. I can not become handsome, even i cut my hair like Superman. I have no six pax stomach. I just have lot of lack. And the worse thing is that I don’t know how to develop State Owned Enterprises, meanwhile I am working at Ministry of State Owned Enterprises. That isn’t sound good.

When I was young, my father doubt about how I will become. I couldn’t hoe field soil. My skin of my hands got hurt when I use a sickle for cutting a grass or paddy. Even I never had a pet goat or cow. I’m too different among others. That was not sounded good.

When I was elementary school, when my friends grew biger, I had a little body. When I went to high school, I never had a new shoes so I inherited my two big brothers’ shoes. That was not sounded good.

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Every single moment that I remember is not perfect. There are always lot of unability or lack that I had. Too many difference between me and others. I looked my self at the glasses for a while, and I asked to my self, what’s wrong with you? I asked to my self, why are you so different between others. I asked to my self, who are you? What do you want to be?

By a very long contemplation, I realize that I can identify my self. I know how I was. So, I define my self to do what should I do. My life was put into my hands. Just like you put into yours. You are the one who go with car. You are the one who decide wich path wil you taje, on right path or left path. You are the one define you. Figur out what define you.

My life is on my hands. No body can define me. There is no reason for me to reject my self. In order to succeed I have to see everything with my own unique perspective and ability that I have. That means we must think in our own creative way, not excepting everything that’s already out there. Your perspective might be only the way you can see.

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From Jacob Barnet YouTube, I was learning something that strengthen my mind before. At his video, he explains that Jhonson said, you take a circles, you overlap them in a way so there’s six lines coming in one point. The other three points are in circle of the same size. This is something new, because Jhonson did not just think about circle, he create math. And he did it in his own unique perspective way. It’s his way to know math. Jhonson, Newton, and Einstein, they stop learning, and they start thinking and he started creating and they can solve the problem.

Are they (Jhonson, Newton, Einstein) are geniuses? They are not genius! What happened was all they did was they made transition from learning, to thingking, to creating which by now the media has translated into ‘genius’. I pretty sure that they had high IQs, but there are lots of people out there (especially in Ministry of State Owned Enterprises) with high IQs who don’t create this short of things. Their times is spent with the same things everyday.

Jacob Barnet challenge for the next 24 hours, don’t learn anything. Prohibit your self to learn anything for the next 24 hours. Go to some field or your passion or where you are interested (music, agliculture, science, building, mountain, sea, etc). Think about that field and be the field (example: field). Who know, maybe you can create something. Create something new!

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In the Millennials Ministry of Stated Owned Enterprises (it’s call ‘Milestone’) event at Surabaya (27-29 December 2018), we were create something new (because we are charged to give something new). In 24 hours we don’t learning anything like every single day before. We stop learning, and we start thinking and we started creating and we have an alternative to solve the problems. There are so many things that we had made. Cause what?

Together, we are no learning anything for 24 hours, go to different nuance, start thinking about something new and creating something. On that moment, there are so many different of people, different basic of humans, different of graduates, different of intelegences, different of jobs, different of perspective, that focused on one thing. We are focused how Milestone will add value for MSOE or SOE. I still remember how we create idea of ‘nyinyir santai’, we create idea of ‘hangout’ (i wishes Milestone will describe about it). We create something new from discussion of different people. Discussion between people that has each unability and lack. Discussion between people that have no basic of material discussion. Imagine, if some farmers meet, they will discus about hoe, soil, paddy, fertilizer. How about farmer, police, teacher, security, they are together discus something (example: field). They will give different perspective about filed. They will give something new for each other. How about you? If you face a problem or chalenge and meet bottleneck in your head, try to discus it with other people that have no huge knowledge about your problem. Absolutely, they will give something new, because they has a different perspective.

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Go out and talk with other to get other perspective. Let your goal, your success let define you, not the factor of your body or external factors. Use the negativity that you have in your life to make your self better, because i guarantee you will win. Build your argument inspiring your life when the reality just buying time. Brave start here.

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