Three of you inside of you


What? There are three person inside each of us? Yes, that’s true. What are you talking about? We are often hear or sometimes telling that we must be become our self. I often make lot question, especialy when you have three person in your life, which of you that you must be chosen below.

First, we are a single person in our mind in the future. Can you see, how become your self in the future? Can you see, where are you will being in the future? Can you see that you was lead by your self to become someone else in future? Someone else in your future are what you shape in your mind. Your self in the future that created by your self now. That it.

We have a brain that can imagine who we are become in the future. We must be have a purpose that must be reach in the future. There are so many imagination about the future of us. Sometimes (may be) we are thinking that we will be a President of Indonesia or President of United Stated of Amerika. Or we are make purpose that we will become Minister State Own Enterprises. In evening before go to bed, we may be thinking that we will become a success entrepreneur. On the coffe morning, we may be have a dream become a great leader. Truly, It’s very easy to saying or imagine what will be of us being in the future. That’s normal when we are make a hope or wishes. But if you are not yet chosen who you are in the future, it mean you have no future.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “if you are fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. That’s why we must be make a plan first, before we are doing something. If we have no planning, that mean we have no future. Just only one person that have no plan, like zombie. Even, in some case we may be met a lucky. But in many case, we must be have a plan.

I believe a lucky too. You must be know that lucky is not own by all people. But if we wish that lucky is be own, you have only 50% chance to win something (lucky or not lucky). Don’t thinking about lucky. If we are lucky person, that’s bonus we got. We must be create a plan and create a lucky. We make our self closer and more closer with lucky. Even lucky may be come to someone that no do anything, but if we try something, we have a lot chance to get lucky.

Second, you are your job. You are what your office. You are your responsibility. Might you still confuse about it. For example, you are work in an office. When you are doing something in your office to complish your responsibility, you act as other people. You can’t act as first person that described before. You are to be others of you. You make a decision with your office condition. You hold other of you when you act as this person. When you feel that you has no change, but if you has big responsibility, the other person (event your soulmate) will react different to you. Cause what? Cause you are your job.

When you become a President, you thing that you are still like you have before. But other person will saw you as different people. You will be respected because of your job. Even you wish the other did not treat different, but it will not happen. Do you see that?

Third, you are you right now as a body. You are the inside of your heart. You are soul that stuck in a body that has a life story. You are you right now, without your mind in future and what ever your jobs. Now, you are (may be) a primitive person in poin of view of you in the future. Now, you may be dancing in the dark with you’r baby between your arms, barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song (by Ed Sheeran – Perfect).

You as your truly body (third of you) can saw you as your job (second of you) or can talking with you as your mind (first of you). Each other can speak to the other, or make conversation. The other of you can say hi to you, “Hi, how do you do, what are you doing now?” and the other of you can give advice to other of you, “You should not do like that, that’s wrong! You must be back to the right track!”. Creat a positive conversation each other. Let each other give award or give advice to other. Let each other lead you to be a better person.

In other generation, Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. If you are still do eight-sixteen job and you wishes you have free time every day, it’s called insanity. If you are everyday ate fast food, smoking, no exercise enough and you expecting you are healty, it’s called insanity. You must be more and more creative and do different than the other, to get the different result. You must be think different than the other, to get the different result. You are just one in this world. There are no one that same like you in this world. You are different between other. So, why you are do like other? You must be better than the othes. Make a different thing to get different result. Make something new every day, every week, every month, or every year to get something different.

If you can saw three person inside of you and make conversation each other, you will be more different than other people. You will be a better person. You will be a great person. It’s not easy, but I hope I have describe it properly.

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