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Reach Your Purpose Faster and Easier!

Each single people have an hope and purpose, right? Can you describes, what’s your hope and purpose? Well, all of us have an expectation about the future. We all worry about the future. Could your purpose be achieved by your self, alone? Do you ever think that your purpose can be achieved more easy or faster with other people help?

In other side, every human in this world has a same time in a day. They has 24 hours each day. They has 7 day in a week and 52 week in a year.

There are so many peoples that have a dream to become a rich. There are so many peoples that have dream to become a entrepreneur. There are so many peoples that have dream to become a Investor. There are so many peoples that have dream to become a writer. There are so many peoples that have dream to become a high salary employee. Because there are very much peoples in this world. If Indonesia have 300 bilion Indonesian people, how about India? How about China? Has you count all human in this world? And some of them has a same purpose.

There are someone that have big, middle or small purpose and they can reach it. Somehow, there are someone can’t reach it properly. Did you confused, why all of people that have a same purpose does not working together to realize them purpose faster and easier? Do you know why?

When people are trying to do something to reach their purpose, they must be meet other people. They will interact each others. Any peoples confused how they can achieve their purpose. Every single people can rearch her or his purpose even by his or him self or by other people help. But, the different of each other is how fast they can achieved it. Some people’s reach their purpose when they are 25 years old, 45 years old, 70 years old or (even) their purpose come true when they has die.

When you are thinking that your purpose will be reached faster with working together, why you didn’t met other or some people to talk about that? Are you felt difficulty to influence other people to act like you are wanted? How to make other peoples interest to you and they would join to achieved your purpose?

There are some statement from Dale Carnegie that very smart. I think so, because it’s become a important concept for us. This concept was born in 1936 and it’s works until now. This concept is telling us about how to win friends and infuence people. I will try to describes one of the concept that personaly make me laughting for my self. It’s very easy and every one must have know properly. This is teknique how to handling people.

Dale Carnegie had a concept that if we want influence other people, we must think about what they are thinking. When we have fishing, we must be thinking about what is fishes wanting. Even when we are fishing, and we want to eat ice cream, but it not for fishes. Fishes is thinking about worm. They will not interest with ice cream (our wanted). It’s works for human too. When you want to influence other people, don’t you think about what do you want. But, you must be thinked about what they wanted. Somehow, other people might give you money when you stab knife.

Believe me, every one always think about their self. They will never spent all time to thinking about other. They will think about how to succeed. They will not thinking how to make someone else succeed. When you can saw what are they thinking, we can help them. Absolutely, in the end of time, if they are success, so we are too.

Why most peoples didn’t succeed? I think succeed is not about what’s each people has reach between the other. But it’s about how they was reach their purpose. It’s about how they we’re think about. Although, peoples are judging other people achievement compared with theirs mind.

How about organization? How about employees of Ministry of State Own Enterprise of Indonesia? First, organization is a container where people’s are together have to reach same purpose (organization purpose). They work together as a team (Together Each Achieve More). Second, organization purpose can be reached if all employee has a same purpose, to make organization purpose is complish. If organization want the employee do what the organization wanted, the organization must be give the employees wanted. It’s very easy. Give the employees wanted, and they will do everything what’s organization purpose.

Have you look dolpin or others animal cirkus? The animals trainer know what the animals wanted. When the animal just finish doing something, animals trainer will give what the animals need, foods.

In the end of this writing, there are litle trick to realize your purpose faster and easier:

  1. Work together with someone that have same purpose, or support your purpose.
  2. Influence people to booster your purpose with think what other person wanted.
  3. Help more and more other people to realize their purpose, and they will sincere help you too.

What are your purpose and how you reach it much faster and easier?


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