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Don’t Read This, If You a Good Person!


Let me show you four benefits from reading this blog, and just two benefits for me after writing this blog. Writing blog with english make me learn two things in one step (writing) and you will learning four things in one step (reading). How it’s works? First (for me), i have learning english and keep remembering the content of my writing. Second (for you), you will: 1) learning english with reading a blog; 2) know something new (may be) from this blog; 3) know where is mistake in writing and i wish you tell me where’s clause that must be edited; and 4) i will telling you about number 4 after you read all of this.

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In 2011, When i goes to Portugal with Expert Staff of Ministry of Comunication and Information and the others, when we are on bus trip together, i had learning something new about a books. ‘How many books that you buy about this six months or this year?’, He said, and i answer that i bought one book in about six month latter. I’m still remember that i bought and just have one books that exlplain how to create a aplication with Ms Access. After that conversation, he is educating me about how important buying a books and reading a books for us. He said that i must bought and read (minimum) one book each month. More books that i buy and read, it will make me a be better man, it not good for me, but also good for other people, good for our economic and good for our country. Since that moment, i promise with my self that i will spent my money minimum Rp500.000,- each month for buying books that i was interested. I always together with him in Portugal for 9 days. There are so many things that i could learner from him. I thank for God for that moment.

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After i come back from Portugal, i was immediately go to Gramedia to buy more books that i interested. That is first time for me go to book store and buy more than three books. Usually, i just spent time to open some picture books or magazine. Not for reading, but just only look at the picture and waiting a special friend at there. After i buy some books from book store, i read each book one by one. But, can i finish reading all the books? Absolutely not. I try so hard to reading. I try much harder cause i must be spent time each day to reading. I try love books. Not only try to reading, i try happy to go to book store. I spent my one day each month to go to book store. It is so hard year when i’m trying so hard to change my habbit.

After i keep reading and go to books store, my ability to reading is incereasing slowly. But i can feeling that changing. My brain fill full with something new. I can saw something that didn’t saw by most people from a book that i read. Changing is not only in my brain, but it make me become like other people. Books make me saw the same thing with different point of view. Books make my attitude more better. Books make me know how i must be act. Books make me a better and better man.

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Before i realy buy books, i think that i can got knowledge from internet. I think that i can got a knowledge from coversation with other people. It is true when we have lot vocabulary. But new vocabulary can’t be raising when we just interacting with same people every day. Our vocabulary can’t be raising with just browsing with a same word or words every day. You should read article about how browser machine just presents you a similar word or something that you interesteed before (what you looking for before). When you are visit a book store, you have a lot of choise and get a new vocabulary from the title of books, especialy the content of books that you were reading.

After i read some three or four books, i realize something new and very very important. When we are learning someting from blogs, books, video blogs, audio books, other people said or other resources, i realize that something new that i know will not be actually true or give me impact when i didn’t implemented it. For example, when i read blog about impact of smoking or how to stop smoking, i will not realy stop smoking when i just read a blog. I will no got the trully of content that blog, before i’m trully stop smoking. When i still smoking after read an article about smoking, it’s mean i wasted my time with no learning that i’m doing. So i still remember, since 31 August 2013 (my birth day) i promise with my self that i will stop smoking. And now, i’m not smoking anymore.

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There one more secret that you must be thinking about. There’s so many books that give us the true of lifes. There’s so many books that give us a sollution. There’s so many books that make us rich, happy, know something, etc. How about book that contain guidance of life? Al-Qur’an.

Finally… I will tell you about number 4. After you are finishing read my blog, i hope you are more interesting to write with english. Have you realize that a people that have a poor english just like me, is still trying to write something with english, so if you know wrong part of each clause that i’m writing, absolutely you are better than me, right? So, what you are waiting for? Let’s try it.

By: Khoirul Mampe


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